So, I’m starting to think that Christmas is maybe just a big sham. Another stupid holiday manufactured to make people feel obligated that are a part of it, and to make those that aren’t involved feel even more lonely and detatched than what they already do.

This year, I fall into that latter category. I’m not a religious person, so the spiritual aspect behind the holiday is meaningless to me. Perhaps I am just bitter, but this is my first Christmas that I’ve ever lived completely alone. My family and I had dinner on Saturday night, but since my mother has work on Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day, I am home alone, while everyone else is out celebrating and all the stores are closed.

I have been under some financial strain this year, so I opted not to purchase gifts for anyone, which considering my circumstances, everyone completely understood. So I have felt a bit like I have been on the outside looking in over the holidays, and frankly, everything just seems a bit ludicrous to me, when you aren’t all caught up in the middle of things. The one thing though, I must admit that I enjoy about the holidays is the food. The dinner – the turkey, perogies, stuffing, etc. It’s all to die for.

So, from now on, I think I am going to boycott Christmas, aside from the meal. No gifts. Until I have some spawn, when perhaps the holiday can have some meaning for me again.