I’m supposed to be organizing my room right now. Instead, I am looking at the piles of things I need to organize, and thinking that sitting here on this machine, wrapped in my favourite afghan is far more entertaining.

These seem kind of creepy, but I’d really like to take a workshop to make one. It’s weird. It’s not something I would normally display in my house, but, for some reason I really want to make one. Except you, know, make it a cyclops baby or something. Maybe I just feel left out because it seems everyone around me has families now, and I here I am stuck in a rut in my life…yet again.

I’ve been forgetting to water my bamboo, so the leaves are turning yellow. I gave it a ton of water tonight, so here’s hoping it bounces back, as my little zen table isn’t going to be quite so zen with a rotted bamboo. I have a little water fountain, with the sand and little rake. I find it oddly soothing. I’m going to get some incense, and have a little chill out ritual daily. Or so is the plan. We’ll see how far I get with my organizing here…I’m quite unmotivated lately, and quite the procrastinator.