Things are finally appearing to be looking up, I can’t believe it. I started my new job this week, I love it. I started my personal training sessions at the gym, and I am DETERMINED to follow through. I should be able to reach my fitness goals in six weeks, so, it’s pretty realistic, and there is no reason why I should not be able to follow through.

Also, in an effort to organize my life, I have started a personal success program, the Change Your Life Challenge : A 70 Day Makeover Program for Women. Now, normally I am skeptical of such self-help programs, I find many of them suffering from Stuart Smalleyitis. I do not believe that looking in the mirror each day and telling myself I am beautiful, smart, etc, to be effective. It may work for some people, and if it does, great for you, but personally, I find it a bit too lacking in substance for me.

Also, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and track my eating to gear up for my 1500 calorie per day diet the personal trainer is going to put me on. I’ve been managing all that over at SparkPeople, it’s got a fantastic online nutrition tracker, as well as many support groups and forums dealing with various topics to do with overall human wellness – nutrition, fitness, depression, anxiety, etc. There are tons of articles to read as well. Seems like a fantastic and FREE little resource if you ask me.

Anyway, I plan to track my progress with the Change Your Life Challenge (CYLC) with updates to this blog, so hopefully I don’t bore y’all to death. Speaking of which, I have day three exercises do to, so I shall run.