Ok. I officially no longer have a decent excuse for the lack of updates, let alone interesting updates anymore.  I finally caved and purchases a new digital camera.  Nothing fancy – I ended up with a Kodak Easyshare C713 in pink for $89 at the local Walmart.  At first, I was holding out to purchase a nice digital SLR, as I had the lofty idea I was going to take up photography, but I have a enough things on my plate right now, without throwing yet another frivolous purchase in the mix.   I’ve been trying to get my finances in order, set up a budget, do all the responsible grown up stuff…how boring, I know.

Anyhow, I found this EXCELLENT website I have been using to track my spending, to see where all my money has gone.  I highly recommend Wesabe for all your money tracking needs.  It shows me specifically where I have spent my dollars, and it’s EASY.  Download your statement in Quicken format, upload it to the site, and it remembers certain transactions, and automatically tags them – for example, everytime I have a withdrawal from my bank account from my insurance company every month, and it automatically tags it as an “auto” and “insurance” expenditure.  It’s pretty awesome.  After the initial couple of uploads, it literally takes maybe 30 seconds to update it all on a weekly basis.  It’s pretty slick, and sweet. Plus, there are a ton of forums, geared to help people with investing, budget making, etc.  I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I’m apparently popular on MSN atm, so I guess I should address my legions of fans and admirers on there.