The WordPress that is! Two updates in one week!  EGADS.

LOL. Well, I seem to think I’m pretty damn hilarious. Really. But anyway.

As usual, I’m wasting time at my job, waiting for five o’clock to roll around.  I really wish this job was busier, I really do. Facebook and MSN kind of become less entertaining after 8 hours of surfing a day x 5 days per week.  Not to mention my lack of social life, and evening surfing.

I’m looking forward to this evening, I am getting my hair done. And not just a trim.  But an actual cut, colour, and style, oh my!  I don’t think I’m going to venture too far from my current style actually, except to clean it up — I’ve been sporting the angular bob – long in the front, short in the back – hey’s it’s the reverse mullet! – for close to a year now, and i really like it. It’s easy for me to do, well, because honestly, I’m a hair idiot. I can’t do my hair to save my life.

Still waiting to hear back on the job I had two interviews for over the last week.  I’d like the job, but I’m not too worried if I don’t get it – it’s a REALLY long bus-ride in the mornings.  But still, the job sounds decent — stable, respectable pay, and yes COMPANY BENEFITS!  You know you’re getting old and responsible when…lol.