Ah, the flickr game, which I lovingly ganked from Floofle.

Wanna play?  Click on the image to find out how.

Yes, I realize some of my answers are a bit on the morbid side right now, but frankly, unless you care to have me cross over into the territory of TMI, don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers too.

In other news, I’m eating my version of breakfast – sipping on a cold coffee and munching away on Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno potato chips.  Not exactly nutritious, I know.

I’ve recently discovered Google Reader, and I must say I LOVE having all my blog feeds on one page, so I can read my favourite blog updates RIGHT AWAY. Because I am obsessive about it though.

I got a ton of organizing done at my place this weekend. Now just to deal with that nightmare that is commonly known at the four laundry baskets of clothing taking over the a laundry room. Argh.