So!  I got a new job which starts June 16th.  I will be working for a fashion company in the sales support, being a regular database and report generating genius!  The pay is decent, there is company benefits after three months, AND I get two weeks of paid vacation per year.  I’m pretty excited. I haven’t had a job this decent since I was twenty.

The office seems pretty relaxed, mostly business casual attire I am assuming, which isn’t a problem for me.  My problem however, lies with this:

I’m not going to be dealing with the public, however, I don’t think the executives are going to take to kindly to looking at this everyday.  So, I’ve been trying to find shirts that come up high enough to cover it.  Short of wearing a turtleneck, it’s pretty damn near close to impossible I’m discovering.  Even button up style oxford shirts these days, are coming up to just above the cleavage, and remaining button-free the rest of the way.  I’ve got about two shirts right now I can get away with, but I have a TON of unhappy, pissed off shopping hours in my near future I think.  Once I get settled in the job, I’m sure I can get away with the top peeking out now and then, but until that time, I want to be judged solely on my work, and performance, not that fact that I have a huge tattoo across my chest.  I’ve been spoiled in my present job, I sit around all day in my tank top.


Dear Fashion Industry,

Buttons, they are a concept.