* Icy cold shower – CHECK.

* Frothy cold beer – CHECK

* Airy summer dress with no underpants – CHECK

* Microwaved pizza – CHECK

* Central air turned on – CHECK

Finally.  For the first time in twelve hours I don’t feel like I am sweating my proverbial balls off.  Work is brutal.  My office at work is TINY, with four walls of cinderblocks, no windows, no air circulation and consists of three people sharing said office.

I have been sweating so much, that I have developed the most lovely cystic blemish under my skin, and it hurts like CRAZY.  So, since I’m a professional, I thought it would be a great idea to stab it to death with a lancet and douse it with tea tree oil.  So, now my face is burning, and my eye is watering from the tea tree fumes.  And my face STILL HURTS. And now I have a huge red spot on my face. Smooth move there, exlax.

Oh well.  I’m not sweating anymore.  And I have some beer.  So, it’s ok.  I’ll deal with Mount Fiji and tons of coverup tomorrow morning.