I never mentioned what I scored for free a few weeks ago for FREE on an online classifieds site.  I look at it, and love it.  I probably should buy it in english.  But I think it would be fun to brush up on my french and read the Grandaddy of all cuisine bibles.

Today was pretty laid back and lazy.  This morning was spent watching the Food Network.  I have found someone on Twitter, who is as probably as obsessed with that channel as I am.  It’s pretty awesome. LOL.  Watching the same tv shows and chatting with them at the same time, all the while they live across the country from me.  Pretty AWESOME.  Teh internets, I love you!

I’m still feeling kind of sick, and feeling kind of lame for the lame ass posts lately…but alas. C’est la vie.

Tonight, I finished a VIP project.  I am so happy it is done.  It was very difficult for me to do, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I still have the accompanying piece to go with it – but, the hard part is done.  I hope the recipient enjoys it.

Frank is adjusting nicely to apartment life – had a nice nap with my this afternoon, she was all cuddly, and purry. It was so nice just to have something else sleeping with me.  So, it’s a cat.  It was warm, and soft, and just nice.

All in all, a good day.