So, BlogHer ’09 was announced.  I’m pretty pumped. I am totally planning on going.  I haven’t been regularly blogging yet this year, but I felt so left out this past year I didn’t get to go, reading about it on all your lovely blogs.

Also, the thought of meeting some of you I have been reading for months and months, even over a year for some of you, brings such a ridiclously giddiness to my soul, and I’m totally pumped.

Now, to get my affairs in order:

  • get replacement birth certificate my dumb ass lost during the last move
  • get passport for this trip and future planned visits to the US of A.
  • book time off of work
  • book hotel room
  • book flight
  • save money for said hotel room and flight
  • lots of money for lots of wine

Any of you attended BlogHer before?  What was your experience?  How many times have you been? Would you/are you going again?  What should I expect?