I can has Frank?

I can has Frank?

Frank here.  Mommy had big plans to write an awesome post.  But she is tired, as we put up some kind of tree tonight, with all these lights and hanging glittering things from it.  It’s pretty awesome to climb, and bat the crap out of it.  Ma doesn’t seem to like it too much though.  Mommy seems alright…though, she likes to freak out a lot. Ah, well.

The new place is pretty good…starting to get used to it. Lots of fun stuff to climb, though, I will admit, these hardwood floors are DAMN slippery.  Real glad Mom got over that bathing me thing – it was only slightly annoying.  She seems to think it was real funny.  Perhaps, in the same way I thought trying to eat her nose off her face a la Hannibal Lechter the other morning when she was sleeping. HA HA. Take that Momma!

Anyway, I think Mommy is coming back to the living room, I better scram vamoose before she realizes I can type and makes me start doing her twitter updates next.  Damn, this woman is a slave driver.

Um. Mew mew, meow, meow.