Feeling a bit better today, than i did yesterday.  Still not feeling quite right, pretty tired, and still fighting this DAMN COLD.

I’m also wondering how long it will take Frank to knock every decoration off the Giftmas tree, she seems to be averaging about 4 to 5 ornaments per day.  She’s apparently a monkey cat.  I wish my camera digital batteries weren’t dead, I could show you a movie of her being a general pain in my ass. She’s lucky she’s cute, that’s all i have to say, I’ve dumped boyfriends for less. HA HA.

I really need to invest in some silver polish, and polish up my tea set. It’s so tarnished.  I thought about using it actually, but I got it at an auction sale, and my luck there is probably lead or something in it, and I’d die of lead poisoning.