Yes, I know.

I don’t know how many times I have started and entry for the Trash, sighed in disgust, and deleted the incessant ramblings. But, without further ado, regardless of how terrible and boring this entry is, I shall post it. *I think I can….*

So, a couple of months ago, I lost my job. Due to the economy, blah blah, I was laid off, in addition to several others at my workplace. I still do not have a job. Nor have I received a penny from my unemployment insurance benefits, and I have resorted to social assistance. The maximum allowable amount I am allowed to receive a month from welfare is $572 per month. My rent is $650 a month plus hydro. I haven’t quit figured out how I’m going to cover the extra yet, as I am officially out of money.

It kind of sucks. Some of you may or may not already know, but I have issues with anxiety/depression, and I have medication that I take for them. Well, since I no longer have benefits, I can no longer afford my meds, and therefore, I had to go off them cold turkey, so that has resulted in a slightly psychotic Trashy. Oh, my poor boyfriend. Such a trooper dealing with my mood swings and violent public outbursts. Hopefully that will pass soon.

So, in order to make myself smile, I kidnap the bf’s dog during the day while he works, and we have tea parties: