So, I signed up for NaBloPoMo again this year.  It’s pretty apparent of my success with that…


Oh well.  I realize it’s been some time again since I’ve posted, I got in a bit of a funk and then I got a job.  So my cooking/blogging/creativity took a dive, and I had no patience for anything outlasting MafiaWars on Facebook.

I finally got around to watching Julie & Julia.  I must say I was pleasantly surpised, not normally a Meryl Streep fan, but I really enjoyed her portrayal of Julia Child.  So, between Julia Child and Laura Calder I finally mustered up the motivation to make “Coq au Rieseling“.

I substituted plain Balkan style yogurt for the Creme Fraiche/Sour Cream, as the boyfriend is averse to Sour Cream, and the stupid Grocers had no Creme Fraiche.

I had planned out this great little pictoral as it has been some time since I have done that…and it turns out I suck at sectioning a whole chicken.  My knife kept getting all slippery and the stupid chicken kept sliding all over the place, and I kept having bloodied emergency room visions, so I ended up tearing the chicken by hand, limb by limb.  Not fun.  By the time I was done, the chicken carcass looked as though it spent some time with Jason Voohries sans blood bath.  So, no pictures for you. It was mighty tasty though. I served with sweet carrots and parsley tossed potatoes.

I think next time I will buy a pair of proper kitchen shears and some Creme Fraiche.  I have a ton of cognac now, I don’t care for it as a beverage.  Perhaps I could invite over Sean Connery for a round of Jeopardy.