Man, I forgot seriously how bad I am at knitting. I have learned both the garter and stockinette stitch and that is in in my 20+ years of “knitting”. I have accomplished multiple dishcloths and a scarf. After an evening of several bottles of wine, my friend sent me home with wool, some circular needles and the Knitpicks Two at Once, Toe Up Sock pattern.

After many attempt and swear words, this is the result:

What I've accomplished so far...

I’m really struggling with the cast on.  I can get as far as stitching on two separate groups of 12 stitches move it to the cable, and then the part about “Pick up 12 sts from back purl bump” and I’m lost.  You may as well be speaking Mandarin to me.  So, being the resourceful gal I am, I scour the forums at Ravelry and Knitty, and watched multiple videos on YouTube. I found the “Judy’s Magic Cast-on” technique. Looks simple. I attempted. I failed. Tje next step? Harried visits to friends both local and international to help me whip this yarn into shape.

In other news, I made Coq Au Vin the other night. That, was a non-fail:

Yes, it was delicious.


Yes, my presentation sucks, but man this was one tasty dinner.