Happy New Year!  I hope 2010 is a good year for you all.  Party Bear wishes you a good year as well!

Man, I really need to get better at this blog thing.  I don’t know how you people with kids find the time to update, I can barely get on the computer with little B.  I can see my future blogs being all about baby poo, lack of sleep and boobies.  He’s happily kicking away right now, so hopefully I will get a decent post in.

Life is going pretty good, adjusting to life with baby well.  It’s so fun to watch him figure stuff out, he’s been smiling huge for days now, just waiting for him to giggle outloud.  He keeps making little cough, grunt and squeak noises .

After we got past the hell stage that is known as the first six weeks, we finally got into a bit a of a decent routine.  He would sleep four hours in his crib, and then halfway through the night when he would wake up, we would co-sleep.  But then he caught my cold, and now is back to refusing to sleep anywhere unless I am lying down with him on the couch, and nursing him to sleep.  He’s back to not napping during the day, which is kind of frustrating, since I feel like I can get nothing done, but on the upside, he tends to be a bit more active when he’s a awake now, kicking and playing instead of crying and nursing, so SOMETIMES he will let me get dinner ready.

Christmas was pretty awesome, I must say.  I am looking forward when he is big enough to actually enjoy it. I’m sure he will require some kind of therapy for the humiliation I have put him through this year:

Ok, I better go, he is starting to fuss, and I might be pushing my luck if I try to post any longer.  I hope to get some more stuff of substance on here soon!