Yes, I am a terrible blog owner.  I have royally sucked at updating this blog, emptiliy promising a new post, then teasing you with grotesque pictures of my beloved, albeit annoying cat.

So.  What’s new?

  • I quit the Doctor’s office.  Y AY.
  • I got a new full time job.  DOUBLE YAY.
  • The boyfriend got a full time job.  YAY again
  • Had some really nice weather last week, very late Springish.  Big freakin’ YAY
  • This week’s weather has been rainy and terrible, however, the grass is getting greener
  • I haven’t cooked or made anything of interest lately
  • I have been reading a lot more, and less time on the computer
  • I listen to CBC talk radio – A LOT

That is pretty much the last few months in a nutshell.  Oh, the excitement, I know.